Rustically Charming Kitchens

My husband and I moved into our very first home last year, it'll soon be exactly a year since we've moved in. Being the procrastinators we are (for some things more than others) we have yet to complete a couple of rooms, budget has much to do with this too of course- sometimes, you just need to prioritize, sadly. On a happier note, I think we're finally bearing down and have come to the conclusion that yes, the kitchen has to be done soon, real soon. While most things are situated and the general style (rustic & charming) is coming through from the cabinetry, counter-tops and our choice to have open shelving, we have yet to put in a couple of other vital decor and wall-storage items that will be... room-changing. 

So as my husband and I pass the lull of "taking a break" from our kitchen duties/fixes, we are now amped and ready to start again our kitchen project. Hence a few pictures I would like to share that I've been staring at as of late, these pictures help to stir up some of my kitchen-tied emotions (I find cooking and eating emotional, amongst other things) and they also help me to remember what it is that I am looking for in my own kitchen.


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