Jannis Ellenberger designs

I saw but one of Jannis Ellenberger's designs at A+R, it was a desk designed in the minimal style and it caught my interest... so much that I decided to look up what other innovative and intriguing designs Ellenberger was capable of. What I found were designs of furniture that was uplifting, fun, different, they were all minimal yet friendly and comforting- characteristics I definitely do not usually tie to minimal designed furnishings.  Intrigued? Look on.

The Sofabed

The Sofabed, one of my favorite Ellenberger designs.  Yes, we all know about and have probably slept on at one point or another a sofa bed, usually they simply pull out and are quite ugly. The Ellenberger sofabed is not only physically appealing to look at but was designed so that every part of the sofa has a dual function- I suppose this is what I love most about this design (it's almost like a two-for-one deal and who doesn't love those). The backrest swivels to the front to reveal not a only wider sofa seat/bed but the backrest also becomes a storage space, and if that wasn't good enough that backrest storage space also becomes a bedside table! Impressed, right, I sure was.

The Pendant Light

Not your usual pendant light- this shouldn't be surprising when talking about one of Ellenberger's designs. The pendant light is designed so that the user may adjust the dimness, brightness or mood of the lighting (however way you want to put it) by simply swiveling the hinged cover of the pendant light. Witty! I love it. Now only if they came in different colors... Jannis are you listening?

The Washstand

Not my most favorite since I generally don't find free-standing washstands appealing, but I had to give kudos to this free-standing Ellenberger washstand for it's physical appeal, the design is minimal yet fun and intriguing, just looking at it makes me want to use it! I find that the use of space is quite smart, there is the built in cup for holding toothbrushes located on the upper back counter, there also is the built in towel rack, not to mention the most intriguing, how the wash basin, upper back counter and towel rack is made from all one piece, all flowing from one to the other boasting beautiful fluidity.


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