West Elm's Notable Item: Paul Loebach Credenza

Paul Loebach Credenza @ West Elm

Paul Loebach's Credenza table... A modern vintage... eclectic?  Table.  I may be at a loss for words on how to properly describe and detail the credenza table but it clearly took my breath away the first moment I set my eyes on it.  Wood with high gloss, I'm not quite sure if I've seen this combination before, but it works.

The kind of table that can transform and hold a room together, now that's the type of furnishing worth paying for, which brings me around to the pricing of this beauty, at $599.00 - it is decently priced.

Front view

Also comes in white

Paul Loebach's Credenza Table was such an attention grabber for me that I became curious about the designer.  With the push of a few keys I was able to find his website that proves he is an eclectic visionary in the realm of furniture design.  Check it out for yourself at Paul Loebach.


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