Urban Outfitters Home dept. - Decor that can make you smile

Here & There $24

Urban Outfitters is probably best known for their clothing but have you checked out their home section?!  Unbelievably cute products are sold at Urban Outfitters home section, and most everything will make you crack a smile.  Here are some of my top-pick from their current selection.

(Pictured above) for the whimsical and in-love is Leah Flores for Society6 Here & There art print.  I may not have had the spacial difference when I met my husband but this poster still makes me think about him, it reminds me that even with all the people I could have ended up with I still found him, the perfect one for me *sigh~.  That's nice.

(Pictured below) the Wasted Rita for Society6 The Art Of... print poster puts it to you straight, "The art of smile & nod when all you wanted was to punch them in the face."  Absolutely hilarious and probably a quote that most everyone can relate to.

The Art Of... $24

365 More Facts That Will Scare The S#*t Out Of You $14.99

My favorite from the current selection at urban Outfitters is the 365 More Facts That Will Scare The S#*t Out Of You by Cary McNeal.  A 2013 Daily calendar with tear out pages, each day with facts that... yes, will scare the S#*t out of you- not for the weary, hypochondriac or paranoid.  Would make an excellent gift as well.


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