Rare Picks for Soap Dishes

Areaware Offer Hand Soapdish $65
Terrain Mesh Soap Dish, $7.95 (ON-SALE NOW!)
Costplus World Market Ivory Whale Soap Dish, $6.99

The square soap-dish with floral designs or whatever it is they decide to adorn it with are a dime a dozen.  I'm always looking for something different and unique, and if you've got a quite minimal look going on in your bathroom or even kitchen (where a soap dish can double as a sponge holder) then a truly cute, stand-out soap dish can really make a difference.

The top-picks for "stand-out" soap dish comes from Areaware, Terrain and Costplus World Market.  Each with their own specific attitude it's hard not to be interested, simply looking at these soap dishes make you feel something, and for such a simple over-looked item such as a soap dish to do that is quite unique.


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