I Stand Behind: Nice expensive hand-pumps

Pure & Good Hand Duo $34.00 @ Anthropologie

I have a face and so I need to buy facial cleanser for it, I always buy the same kind of facial cleanser every single time because... what can I say?  I love it, it's perfect for my skin type and not animal tested.  I love this facial cleanser but I hate the bottle!  It is a plastic hand-pump bottle and when the facial cleanser gets down to about 3/4 of the bottle the agony begins.  The agony goes something like this, me standing in the shower or infront of the sink pumping furiously while mere drips trickle down the pump opening and down it's neck, very little at this point actually gets into the palm of my hand.  What could have been a soothing and relaxing facial cleanse has now become an irking annoyance, and all because of one... cheap... hand-pump.

The answer to my problem:  Buy a nice hand-pump

This will undoubtedly be a little more expensive than you are used to forking out for a hand-pump, but most likely because you have spent your whole life buying cheap plastic throw-away hand-pumps.  Instead, one time, trying buying a nice glass hand-pump, with good weight and with quality pump tops.  If you cannot find empty ones, and they can be hard to find, try purchasing a hand-pump with soap or lotion that you will like to use.  Once the hand-pump is empty, reuse it over and over again.  In my case, the hand-pump has been filled with my facial cleanser, and now every time I wash my face I say "bye bye irking annoyance of the cheap hand-pump!"


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