Anthropologie vintage items gone gadget friendly?

As a lover of all things vintage I get unusually excited when I see stuff like this... and by this I mean vintage items that are user-friendly to today's gadgets.  This of course means that I do not need to turn my carefully vintage decorated home into a modernized sleek flat to suit the looks of today's gadgets, but that I can keep it the way I like it and simply add vintage items that are gadget friendly.

The USB Typewriter.  How can you not appreciate or fall in love with a restored vintage typewriter than you can plug your iPad into and use as a keyboard?  But that's not all... Unplug the iPad and feel free to use as a regular typewriter as well- 2 for 1!  I know if you didn't love it before, you love it now.  Typewriter case is also included along with instructions, iPad stand attachment, USB cord and additional ribbon.

USB Typewriter, Royal @ Anthropologie

USB Typewriter, Underwood @ Anthropologie

Even use as a regular typewriter!

iVictrola, Upside Down @ Anthropologie

The iVictrola is even before my time, not that I'm that ripe, but still I find it fascinating, even more so now that you can dock your iPhone, iPod or other music player and listen to your music through the vintage Magnavox horn that sounds your music acoustically.  Okay, so you have to be a real vintage fan and a real fan of sound to appreciate this beautiful item.  I know you guys are out there... well, here it is.

The horn is made from carved American walnut


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