Pictures doing half the work

I am a picture person myself, and by pictures I don't mean putting family photographs up on the refrigerator, by pictures I mean framing, colors, astounding, eye-catching, something to accent the room in which the picture is placed, a picture to help set the area and the mood.

Being as penniless as I am I tend to buy pictures, painting or photographs that I really love and know will look great in my home, and being penniless as I am they tend to be frame-less, so then the next step I take is to frame them.  I found that the cheapest way of doing this is to buy everything yourself and do it yourself, honestly, it really isn't that hard, after framing two you'll be a pro.  In the past I spent close to $300 getting one picture professionally framed, just recently I found myself at Michael's during a frame sale and was able to buy a frame and a custom cut border mat all for $30.  And though some find it hard to believe that framing yourself will be enjoyable, surprisingly it is, being part of the project at such an in-depth level from start to finish and having such control of the project is enjoyable... well, I tend to think so anyways.

The final step and what I find to be the most important step, placement.  A lot of the time many people like to hang pictures at the center of the largest bare wall they have and though at times this is the perfect place for pictures it doesn't necessarily mean it's the right place for that particular piece.  But don't be disheartened, there is no right or wrong place to hang that black and white photograph, or colorful oil-painting, or print.... Simply, stand back and slowly take a look around, look at the spaces and how the piece would look there, or there?  How will it enhance the space?  How will a visitor come to pass to see this particular piece in this particular space?  At this time remember that when you are hanging your beautiful artwork it's not just about the artwork but about the entire space, the entire room- very similar to cooking I'd say, many ingredients are used to make one delicious dish!  

And though it may seem like a lot just to hang one picture, in the end it'll be well worth it.

*pictures from Elle Decor


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