San Francisco Charms With It's Structures

I was lucky enough to see the city during it's Gay Pride week, and the streets were full of colorful, fun-loving people!
Truly one of the aspects that makes San Francisco such a beautiful place to be

This past weekend I found myself visiting a good friend in the City Of Love, San Francisco.  I was lucky to have such spectacular weather during my visit there and am sure this helped on my over-all view of San Francisco.  To say the least, I was much charmed by this city full of beautiful buildings, architecture and people.

I will always consider Los Angeles my home and love it for that reason but I cannot tell a lie, San Francisco is by far infinite times more beautiful.  The building structures themselves whether they be houses or public buildings were beautiful with their detailed moldings and San Francisco style that exudes culture and history, all of which I felt very inspired by.  Same as the building structures the places visited: shops, streets and restaurants were all vibrant with it's own character and of course so were the people.  Towards the end of the trip I found my mind wandering to a dreamland where I kept envisioning myself living in this city.

I wanted to take the time to post some personal pictures of my visit to share what I saw with you during my visit.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!

In the out-skirts of China Town, I'm always drawn to the tall buildings of the city and found
this view so interesting I needed to capture it.

Cutting across through a random alley in the out-skirts of China Town

China Town

A block of China Town, the line of stores topped with small apartments above with clothes hung out to dry was a very
common scene, so I decided to take a picture of it

Berkley campus, absolutely fascinating!  So far the most beautiful campus I've visited.

Berkley campus, clock tower

A random building along Geary.  Thought it was a great example of San Francisco buildings.

I was especially in love with the way the housing looked in San Francsico.  All in tight rows and built upwards rather than wide for obvious reasons.  Most of them looked to have1920's style architecture, whether this is actually true I'm uncertain.  I probably should have taken many more pictures of the housing but I suppose I was a bit preoccupied.  Here's what I do have though.

This is definitely a lot bigger than the average homes I saw, but I thought it so beautiful I took a picture of it.
I especially love the corner windows!

Here is another home that I saw, not sure if it contains multiple units or if it's just one big house but I was taken with the layout of the structure and found myself wishing there weren't so many large hedges covering the beautiful house.

There's a corner window!  It seems that homes in SF often have corner windows, I just love them!

The columns of the front door and the balcony above was most charming I thought.


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