A closet pole in lieu of a shower pole

Upon moving into our newly renovated home we realized we had planned the master bathroom tub to be too long in length, for two months my husband and I showered in the guest bathroom for we looked high and low and was unable to find a shower curtain rod long enough for our master bathroom tub.  We then moved on to thinking about more creative options, wires and even ceiling hanging rod options, of course all of these were not actual shower curtain rods but possible ideas of what could work.  After two months of no shower curtain rod my sister came to visit one day and when she inquired about the curtain-less tub I told her our conundrum, and she, with a mere blink of an eye said to me, "why don't you just use one of those long wooden closet poles?"  I was of course happy and at the same time completely dumb-founded that we hadn't thought of it.  The next week my husband and I made a trip to our local Home Depot where we bought a pole for $10 and a pack of rubber caps for $2.00.

We measured out the length of the wall and cut the wood to the proper length with a handsaw, popped rubber caps on the end and hung it up, we both took a shower in the master bathroom that night and we really could not have been more excited about it.

There is the concern that the wooden rod will warp into a condition that will eventually deem it unusable due to moisture, whether this will actually happen or not I have no idea but it beats not being able to use the tub at all.  The thought that coating the wood with a paint seal did occur to me, this may possibly help it from not being affected by the moisture.  Other than this moisture concern on the wood the closet rod worked beautifully, not just mechanically but aesthetically as well.  The natural wood color of the closet rod goes perfectly with the other natural wood colors in the bathroom and ended up tying the bathroom decor  nicely together, something I did not expect and a very pleasant surprise.  

The wooden rod seems to have other advantages when compared to all other shower curtain rods, it is not only cheaper than purchasing an actual shower curtain rod but can also be painted to a color of your liking, naturally this would require a little bit more work than purchasing a shower curtain rod but it would be an original, your original, with this in mind painting and sealing doesn't seem half bad does it?


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