16th Workshop Wall Shelves

The 16th Workshop Mandir shelf is truly an interesting design with it's wood screen back designed to be removable.  The Mandir shelf is what caught my eye today to do a post on 16th Workshop wall shelves.  Interestingly enough the Mandir was originally made to be used as a Hindu shrine, naturally, as with all other 16th Workshop wall shelves the Mandir can be used for other purposes.  When I saw first the picture of the Mandir what first came to mind was wall mounted shelves next to the bed which would transform the shelves into wall mounted bedside table- the thought makes me drool.  I currently am obsessed with the idea of creating a home atmosphere that is earthy, down-to-earth, comfy & homey yet modern, simple and clean... And 16th Workshop delivers furnishings for exactly this type of interior atmosphere.

Mandir $900/ $1150 with back screen
2'7"w x 1'.25"d x 1'11"t

The Wall Mount Shelf 1 is another shelf that caught my eyes, simple and unique with it's single drawer and it's long width.  Naturally the shelf could be mounted anywhere you wish but I personally think that they got it right pictured below, on the side of the staircase.  Many of the times I find that people place tables here to throw their mail, keys and perhaps have a vase full of beautiful flowers,  all of which I think are very practical needs, but there is one thing that the Wall Mount Shelf 1 has over the table for this particular area of the house: no legs to take up floor space!

Wall Mount Shelf1 $900
6'3"w x 10.5"d

There are some furniture pieces that one looks at and just falls in love with, these are the pieces that say something to you, these are the pieces that are "completely you" in style and essence.  When I saw the Wall Mount Shelf 2 on the 16th Workshop site, this is how I felt... I fell in love.  The fact that the Wall Mount Shelf 2 could be used for a number of things is one quality that I absolutely love about it.  Set it up as in the picture below, as a low shelf, or set it up above a desk to sort your books out, set in the entry way and all you would need is a couple of wall hooks to hang coats underneath.  I love it!  Now if only I could find a way to get my hands on it!

Wall Mount Shelf 2 $1250
8'w x 1'1.25"t x 1'd

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