As you already know I'm back from a recent trip to San Francisco where I had the most swell time.  A lot of that swell time was spent walking around and just... taking a looking around, enjoying the city life via long walks to visit China Town, The Japanese Gardens, Berkley and it's famous Telegraph street, City Lights Bookstore and so on.  While I was in a bliss of eye-candy from being in an all-around just, lovely city I ventured into an interesting yellow structure that housed a bar called Vesuvio, located right next to the very cool City Lights Bookstore, apparently the smell of great books calls for a nice drink afterwards.

Vesuvio has to be the cutest, little, semi-divey, totally vintage bar I've been into in my entire short life.  A large chandelier in the middle of the bar was lit by gas-flames, other hanging lamps were covered by old stain-glass designed shades, rows of old pictures and posters covered the walls, two old men were sitting next to the window playing chess, the bathroom was covered with hand created wallpaper made from old labels taken off bottles... it was this kind of place... and it called for a gin and tonic with lime.

Please enjoy the pictures!

Here is my gin and tonic w/lime

Here is a good view from upstairs of what Vesuvio looks like

When I walked through the doorway before I could even get to the bar I saw this snazzy cork board made of actual corks!  I'm in the process of making my own now and have bought a box of cheap wines, now I just need to drink up!  This will be a fun project indeed!


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