New @ A+R: Space Bar USB-Port Desk Organizer & Floral light

As we progress into the future I'm noticing certain trends that lean towards a more minimalist life-style, things are becoming more condensed and simpler, perhaps it is the people's concerns over an eco-system that can barely sustain itself any longer due to the continual ravaging done to it by the human species- this leads to multiple concerns over an abundance of trash and waste, over usage of oil, electricity and such.  I do not doubt that these concerns are driving our way of life towards a more eco-friendly way, and that is a good thing.

When I speak of minimalism in the future the New Floral Light by David Trubridge is true to it in style.

David Trubridge's Floral Light $440
23.5"d / 31.5"d / 39.5"d / 63"d (size avail differ by color)

And when I speak of minimalism in the future I also speak of the actual condensing of things used such as A+R's new Space Bar USB-Port Desk Organizer by Quirky & Michael Cavada.  A USB-Port in the form of a stand for your screen and where you may also slide your wireless keyboard underneath, simple.

Quirky & Michael Cavada's Space Bar USB-Port Desk Organizer $80
24"l x 3"h x 8.5"w

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