New Carafe & Table @ DWR

I'm on the look out for a dining room table for a possible new dining area in a possible new home.  I already have an idea of what the floors will look like, black & white or red & white checkered.  With the checkered floor with these types of colors I imagine a simple, two-toned dining table.  I was thinking to have my fiancee custom make the table having resided to believing that such a table did not exist and then I was perusing through DWR last night and found this table!
Lancaster Dining Table $2,265

The different color options for the Lancaster table

Let me first begin by saying I have this thing, it's not quite a phobia but it's just as annoying as one.  The thing has to do with cups of water, cups of juice, cups of tea.. cups of any kind of liquid!  And the thing is that it can't be sitting out for too long, too long being more than 4-5 hours, if so I need to empty out the cup and refill it, because the thing is dust and particles settle into my cup.  So I have this thing and it annoyingly fill me with a feeling of guilt that I'm wasting perfectly good water.  I suspect that's why when I saw DWR's I'm Boo Carafe with it's enclosed top and rather small spout water hole I was so very excited and felt that the carafe was made for someone just like me!
I'm Boo Carafe $85

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