Esquire Home, Furniture For Men

Esquire Home, I'm assuming this is the same Esquire that is the men's magazine, brings to you furniture... for men! Wah-La!  Maybe Esquire Home has been out for months, maybe years- but I think, "by golly, it's about friggin' time!"  All you bachelors out there will surely go out for drinks tonight and cheer to this moment in history.

Pictured below is the Manhattan, a little bar in the form of an old luggage box that would be perfectly snug in your living-room corner or dining room corner.  Many places don't come with bars and the chances of a bachelor pad having a built in bar is even more rare- fix that with the Manhattan.

25.5" x 24" x 62.5"

59" x 35.5" x 16.5"

I picture a long wooden entry hallway, modern wall sconces with warm lighting brighten the way.  Quite near the door, on the wall are pegs where an umbrella and a coat hang, across from the pegs I see sitting the Vesper bench.

60" x 18" x 19"

Black Russian
71" x 35.5" x 31"

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