Item Of Note: A+R's Self Watering Planter & Umbrella Stand

I am an aspiring green thumb and have been at my new planting hobby for roughly 6 months now, sadly no matter how much I love my plants and how well I take care of them... they just die.  My green thumb friend says it may just be my watering habits, I suppose there is such a thing as loving your plants a little too much, which in my case means I'm over-watering the poor little fellas.  That's where the A+R Grobal Self-Watering Planter comes in to play, perfect for someone like me who doesn't know how to keep plants alive and also perfect for someone who's never home to keep their plants alive, "note to self, must introduce Self Watering Planter to all busy-body friends".

Grobal Self-Watering Planter $25.00
Dimension:  Large (7.1"w x 7"h)  Baby (4.6"w x 4.8"h)
Component:  Water-level window, reservoir providing water & nutrients, 3 Nutra-packs

Comes in colors:

I'm not much of an umbrella user myself being from Southern California, not that it doesn't rain, just very rarely, and when it does I suppose I'd rather get wet- I blame it on the kid in me.  I have noticed in places though umbrella cans, and truly they seem to be trashcans, how sad is that?... and ugly.  I think, any self respecting household or business should have a proper and why not fun umbrella stand/holder... like this one from A+R Design House Stockholm & Eva Schildt's Umbrella Stand+Umbrella! Whew, what a name.

Material:  Lacquered steel, soft sponge
Dimension:  28.5"h
Component:  Sponge to soak and draw water away from wet umbrellas


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