I Stand Behind: The Swiffer Sweeper

When I lived in a one bedroom apartment that had wood floors it was 100% do-able to get on my hands and knees and give the floors a good wipe down once a month or even twice a month! But in a three bedroom house? The amount of floor space was so intimidating I couldn't get myself to do it at all! Naturally our wood floors became dusty, dirty, a little bit grimy... quite disgusting to my standards. I'd walk around and try not to notice that the floors near the open windows felt as if they were layered with invisible dirt and grime, I tried to think that the dust bunnies that were poking out from underneath the sofa were cute.

My parents have a huge house with wooden floors and their floors are always so immaculate, I wasn't quite sure how they pulled this off until I went for a visit one day and saw my Dad pushing around a broom, a Swiffer Broom! I decided to give it a try.

My husband brought one home from Home Depot, he put it together and I tried it out, amazing! I love the damn thing! How is it that I get excited to clean the floors now?! Weird right? Well, the Swiffer makes it so easy. It's definitely one of those products that are cheap and just works. The broom is very light and very easy to maneuver underneath sofas, in corners and tight spaces as the flat end swivels in all kinds of directions.

The disposable dry cloth picks up all kinds of dust and debris, even dog hair (yay!) and best of all doesn't let go of it. The sweeper can also be used with a disposable wet cloth to shine your floors. And another great thing? The cloths don't keep coming off! Which is the aggravating problem I had with my previous sweeper broom.

On Amazon the Swiffer Sweeper is a mere $15.00, so if you've got wood floor cleaning problems I say give this a go, it just might be a permanent solution, I have a feeling it is for me. It's sheer enjoyment to clean the floors when it's so easy! So no more dirty feet here!


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