I Stand Behind: Proper Salad Tossers

I'm a foodie all the way, eating is what I do best, it really is but with this kind of lifestyle I eat right and healthy whenever I'm not facing a menu full of deliciousness that I can't help myself from ordering.  Because of this I naturally eat a lot of salad at home, it usually accompanies my fish.  And because I eat a lot of salad I naturally toss a lot of salad, usually with fresh home-made vinaigrette.

I bought a cheap wooden salad server at Cost Plus World Market, 'it's a salad server, how good do they have to be anyway?'- This was the attitude I had. Then I received as a gift about a month ago, the gift was a bamboo wood salad server set from Sur La Table, $20.00 (which I think is spending quite a good amount on a salad server).  That same evening I made a salad and tossed the salad with the new bamboo salad server I had gotten, "no, it couldn't be' I thought to myself, 'could it?'.  Why was it so much easier to toss the salad? Why was it so much easier to maneuver?  So, now a month later and many salad tosses later what I  have to say is, if you eat a lot of salad at home and so find yourself tossing a lot of salad then yes, spending $20.00 on a decent salad tosser will make your life easier.  I never noticed how clumsy and heavy my first salad servers were until I used Sur La Table's Bamboo Salad Servers, let me jus say... I don't find myself picking up accidentally flung salad on my kitchen counter anymore.

Sur La Table Bamboo Salad Servers, set of 2 $19.95

The Eco-friendly bamboo servers resists staining 
The set includes 1 serving spoon and 1 spatula  
Both serving spoon & spatula are 12" long


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