Clean simple with your own home-made solution pt.2: Baking soda to the rescue!

Sometimes I think I'm just way behind the times, but I figure I can't be the only one who doesn't know this or that, however basic it may seem.

My mother has grandchildren, not from me but my sister who has two little rascally boys made all the more rascally when staying over at grandma's, for as the saying goes "it's the grandmother's duty to spoil her grandchildren" - she does this quite well by the way, and then she wonders why they don't listen to her.

On such one over-night occasion, her two darling rascally grandchildren took a blue ink pen to the sofa as if it was their very own canvas!  This large arc sectional has been in the family since I was born, and has been reupholstered once with beautiful sea-green velvet-like textured fabric.  The drawing stayed on the sectional for quite some time and then one day I came over and realized the large pen marks were gone, as if they were never there.

And what did Mom tell me?  "Baking Soda, water and a small soft cleaning-brush".  I have yet to try this but my eyes do not deceive me.  I'm sure I'll have to use this home-solution some day and when that day comes, you'll hear about it.


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