Central Station original interiors

When I think of an ideal interior decor for myself I see an urban structure with lots of wood, many would say "modern rusticity" is where my heart falls.  This is the reason why I fell in love with the pieces at Central Station, the epitome of modern rusticity is seen in every single piece.  The wood carefully chosen, handmade, designed and polished with the kind of wood it is using in mind.  The Signature pieces combine wood with metal to create the ultimate modern rusticity effect, and if this wasn't awesome enough, Central Station has done one better...

Creating simple wood pieces in it's Basic collection, a line of pieces that forego the metal to keep it all wood, creating a more rustic and simple effect.

*As read on the Central Station site:

is a furniture manufacturer unlike most others in that each piece is custom built by hand with hand-selected materials from various parts of the world.  Paul Delaisse, owner and creator of Central Station Interiors is originally from Antwerp, Belgium.  He travels the world extensively searching for new materials nature has to offer.  Every piece of wood used to make this unique furniture is chosen for its natural elements - the grain, the burl, and the knots all become a part of the overall design.  Reclaimed teak, as well as French oak, African Walnut, American Black Walnut and Belgian Bluestone are some of the materials used in CS' designs.  This distinctive, custom-built furniture is created for lasting beauty - furniture that nature has had a hand in forming, whether it is for classic, transitional, or contemporary spaces.


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