Simplehuman's new touch-free Sensor Pump

Simplehuman Compact Sensor Pump $34.99

When you cook you get your hands dirty, garlic juice sticky fingers, greasy meatloaf mixing hands, olive oil slippery fingers, you know this kitchen messy hands I speak of, and when I go to the sink to wash my hands I end up fiddling with my soap pump so that I'm not getting the soap pump all slimy and greasy - this too, I know you know what I speak of.  And now that it is all out in the open and we all know what I speak of, we can all together sigh in relief that Simplehuman has probably come out with the best touch-free sensor soap pump.  Not only is it touch-free but also features a no-drip valve which means no leakage and runnage!

Naturally the next step after purchasing this sensor soap pump would be to get a sensor sink faucet to go with it!  But we'll leave that for next time.  In the meantime a no hassle touch-free soap pump for $35.00 is a dream to have for any cook, amateur or pro.


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