The potential of a small space: True Value @ Dwell

Many get disheartened when a small space is all they can afford, I on the other hand, get really excited.  Small spaces are a fun challenge, and, takes much less to decorate.  Small spaces allows the interior designer in you to shine your brightest.  How can I arrange furniture to allow roomy-ness?  What unique smart ideas do I have up my sleeve to create more storage?  How can I allow a small space to portray a mood of country-comfort without overcrowding?

I often peruse the Dwell website to get my fill of pictures and ideas, here's one article that I think every interior lover can appreciate, "True Value" of a small space, an article by Aaron Britt regarding a small  516-square foot studio apartment located in the Slovak Republic, which was renovated for roughly $23,000, into this rather charming bachelor-style flat.

Pictures from Dwell, read the full article here as well.

Open shelving adds an extra charm and gives the area an open feel while at the same time smartly doubling as a wall
divider, a great way to create the feeling that there are separate rooms when dealing with one large space.

The use of sheer light friendly window coverings is a big plus as darkness isn't very friendly to small spaces and has a
tendency to make spaces feel smaller.

The hanging pots and pans is a great storage alternative but also lends height.

Adding greenery is a great way to add freshness.  Though I would have gone with a couple of larger potted tree plants
keeping the window sill clear and clean, this will do in the meantime.


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