The Little Things: Hardware

Unbeknown to many, sometimes it's the little things that can make the biggest difference.  The hooks to hang your things near the front door, the hooks in your closet to hang your pajamas, the drawer knobs lining the hallway, the doorknobs... paying attention to the little details can really close the deal on the look of a room.

Glass Melon Hooks from Anthropologie

Identical hooks from Anthropologie which I opted to put side-by-side

I find that Anthropologie have the most fun in style and look when it comes to hardwares: door knobs, finials, hooks, knobs and such, the only down-fall is the price of course, but if you've got cash to spare why not beautify your abode.  If not, there are other places that have hardware just as cute for a better price... ahem, Cost Plus World Market.

Cost Plus World Market Round Ceramic Petal Knob (set of 4) $13

Anthropologie Cygnus Hook $14

Pottery Barn Vintage Hardware $7-12

Pottery Barn Cast Iron Row Of Hooks $99


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