Jonathan Adler's helpful little things... with a sense of humour

Brass Devil Pencil Sharpener
Brass / 3.5"t x 1.75"w x 1.5"deep

These days we welcome a sense of humour whenever and where ever we can get it.  Naturally Jonathan Adler picked up on that right away, since the beginning of his designing career he has been producing products with a design that is modern, chic, hip and most of all, with a sense of humour.

Two more items appeared on his list of products which I thought deserved a post today from the sheer wit and fun of them.  The Brass Devil Pencil Sharpener, the quality is in the brass material, the wit?  It's a sharpener.  Leave it to the devil to sharpen your pencils for you, pitchfork sharp!  It is indeed a smart way to keep your sharpener on the table without cramping your style.

Tongue Spoon Rest
Porcelain/ 7"long x 3.5"wide

I myself like to spend most of my time in the kitchen, and though I've been wanting very badly a spoon rest for about a year for obvious reasons, I haven't yet gotten one.  I have looked at countless spoon rests in shops and on line, and needless to say, haven't found one suitable to my taste... until I saw Jonathan Adler's Tongue Spoon Rest.  It makes me smile.


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