Home of: Hank Azaria

Birth name:  Henry Albert Azaria
AKA:  Hank Azaria
Year of birth:  1964
Place of birth:  Queens, NY
Occupation:  Actor, producer, director, writer
Most famously known for acting

*pictures from Architectural Digest

Outdoor living room

  A gravel path along the side of the house

Pool with area with poolside loggia

A closer look at the poolside loggia

The kitchen

Dining area

The TV room

In the TV room a wall is covered by pictures of Simpson characters voiced by Hank Azaria

The living room

A closer look at a bookcase located in the living room

Azaria's home office which includes a poker table

Azaria's son, Hal's play room

The guest bedroom

The master bedroom

Azaria's dressing room

The master bathroom


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