Jiun Ho

California Street Residence dining area

If your a regular at Beautiful Abodes you probably already know that every now and then I like to do a post on interior decorators who's work has caught my eyes.  One search decorator has this week, his name is Jiun Ho and his theme is most often directed at an elegant yet simple and relaxed state of living with most often, a classical hint to his overall interior designs.

California Street Residence sun room and decor in living room

California Street Residence decor

Here, he accents with the yellow wall artwork, the color goes beautifully with the gray.

Hartford Street Residence a view in to the living room from the staircase

I am in awe of his use of contemporary furniture pieces in a room that really seems to call a country-like setting, perhaps it is the wood floors, white banisters and sloping ceiling that gives it this country feel.  Then I noticed his use of the glass wall divider between the stairway and the bedroom space which tied the country-like space and the contemporary furnishings together harmoniously. 

Hartford Street Residence bedroom

Hartford Street Residence staircase

Hartford Street Residence kitchen

Hartford Street Residence dining room

Asian inspired sliding door panels gives the room a unique accent.

Steiner Street Residence dining area and a view of the kitchen

Much of the time Asian inspirations pop-up giving the modern room a somewhat ethnic warmth to it.

Steiner Street Residence bedroom

Steiner Street Residence a view of the entryway

Steiner Street Resident dining area

I've found that he likes to accent with red as he does in the room below.

Steiner Street Resident living room


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