Shower Curtains, Turning A Bathroom Into More Than Just A Bathroom

Most of us aren't lucky enough to be sitting on a pile of money which means that the apartment or house that we reside in likely will not have bathrooms that we see in million-dollar homes with loads of space to move around in lined with nicely tiled floors and walls with expensive sink basins and tubs.  But this shouldn't exclude us from having a nice bathroom to spend our time in when need be for a warm bubble baths and meetings with the porcelain god.

A trick to brightening up that bathroom and making it look more than what it is, just a bathroom- is to spend a little bit more when picking out those shower curtains.  The shower curtain, the largest object in the restroom aside from the tub itself makes a world of difference if chosen with care.  Skip Ikea, Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond- shower curtains may be affordable here but they also look affordable if you know what I mean.  Instead, go online and check out the shower curtains at CB2, Anthropologie, Marimekko, Urban Outfitters (which surprisingly has pretty good prices for unique looking shower curtains).

Once the shower curtain is up it becomes easy to decorate around it.  I opted a couple years ago to spend a little more and get a Marimekko Birch Tree shower curtain with lots of green on it, once hanging in my restroom I knew the bathroom had to have a color scheme around green and a theme relative to nature, so I hung Bamboo wood blinds and used weaved baskets of light wood to store neatly folded towels which I display out in the open.  The shower curtains had really brought it all together.

Since I've had the shower curtains for almost 3 years now and is still in good shape, I think the $55 I spent on it was definitely worth the while, especially when I'm praising the porcelain god!


Madison Taupe Shower Curtain $50

Tikkula Spice Shower Curtain $50

Tuuli Shower Curtain $55

Unikko Shower Curtain $55

Gnomes Shower Curtain $38 & London Shower Curtain $15

Matryoshka Shower Curtain $15

Disappearing Skyline Shower Curtain $50


Cityscape Shower Curtain $40

Provence Organic Showr Curtain $60


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