16th Workshop Tall Chest Of Drawers

3' x 3'11" in Western Walnut, Oregon White Oak, Oregon Ash & Myrtle made from Oregon salvaged logs

The craftsmanship is undeniable, and so it is with everything that 16th Workshop seems to make.  Here is my new favorite from 16th Workshop, the very beautiful tall Chest Of Drawers, simplicity is the key ingredient, and with their unconventional easy pull-out drawers creating the special-ness, the... 'one of a kind' outlook on what could have been a very average chest.  I can imagine it very well in childrens rooms or even an office and of course the bedroom, perhaps a walk-in closet- okay, who are we kidding?!  It can go anywhere and it can make the space... LOOK GOOD.

For More information on the 16th Workshop tall Chest Of Drawers click here


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