DWR's Wegner Coffee Table, Sawbuck & Era Round Arm with Cane Chairs

DWR's Wegner Coffee Table is gorgeous!  Okay okay, I get it, you're thinking how can she call something so simple gorgeous?  The simplicity of an all wood, round, three peg leg table IS gorgeous.  The table with all it's simplicity has a way of toning down any room and giving it an earthy feeling, this is one of the qualities of the table that I think is important.

Wegner Coffee Table, Designed by Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son
17.25"h x 30.75"dia

Era Round Arm with Cane, Designed by Michael Thonet
31.5"h x 23.5"w x 24"d x 18.5"h of seat

The Era Round Arm with Cane chair reminds me of a french cafe, it's vintage style and simple design is what makes it unique in giving it a quality that can only be described as vintage-contemporary.

Sawbuck - Hallingdal, Designed by Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son
30.25"w x 28.75"w x 26.5"d x 14.5"h of seat x 24"h of arm

clean lines, solid, and truly unique in design, the Sawbuck - Hallingdal is a new item of DWR's that IS DWR.  Every once in a while DWR will get in their collection a design that is/will be a life-long DWR associated product such as the Fabric Swan Chair, Egg Chair and Eames Lounger,  like these chairs I truly believe that this Sawbuck-Hallingdal chair will soon be listed as one of them.

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