Readying Your Outdoor Space For Warmer Weather

When Spring and Summer come around a lot of us have our minds on pool parties, bar-b-ques and hosting beautiful outdoor patio dinners.  There's no perfect time then NOW to look at some of Beautiful Abodes' top picks on outdoor furniture from West Elm. 

Dexter Outdoor Bench 60"w x 22"d x 29"h

I've always had a thing for these types of long benches with the high backs that curved around.  It would make a beautiful stand-alone outdoor bench as well as a beautiful addition to a long wood table for indoor or outdoor use and can even be placed in long hallways or entryways.  The options of use alone for the Dexter Outdoor Bench is a reason that it would be a good purchase.

Dexter Outdoor Coffee Table 36"dia x 16"h

The Dexter Outdoor Coffee Table caught my eye due to it's simplicity, it looks durable and so gives off a cozy feel that reminds me of being indoors near a fireplace, and it's rustic appearance appeals to me which I think gives off a certain something that ordinary modern or contemporary outdoor furnishings lack.

Rajputana Outdoor Rug in Red or Blue
2"w x 3"l, 3"w x 5"l, 5"w x 8"l, 8"w x 10"l, 9"w x 12"l

I think can see how's it a bit odd to have a rug outdoors, even if it is an outdoor rug, the two in a way go against each other.  But Should you have a deck outside with some outdoor furniture an outdoor rug can make all the difference when it comes to your outdoor furniture looking like it's just outside or your outdoor furniture looking like home outside- get my drift?

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