Mood Lighting Via Candles

I tub it 2-3 times a week feeling as though it does do me good, it's relaxing and contrary to the way your used to living your life and treating yourself, it is important to relax and take time to breath, lower that blood pressure from everyday life and what not.  Filling up the tub would be the first step, bath salts or oils the second step, and last but not least... setting the mood, best done with candles.  Here's a few top pick from D.L. Co. who produce candles that bewitch.  Warning!  You will be tempted to buy even if you categorize yourself as a non-candle fellow!  Just take a look at the most beautiful and mesmerizing candles you'll ever see.

Bust of Dierdre Candle $450

Art Nouveau Gift Set (4-3oz. candles) $120

Le Pomme Vert Candle $85

Boite de Poires Gift Set $85

Pomegranate with Swarovski Crystal Stem $95

Silver Thorn Apple Candle $200

For more D.L. & Co. click here


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