Dispela Antiques

Now I know where to go if ever I need antique lighting.  I was drawn by the lamps and lighting in the window from the 70s and the chairs that lined the outside of the stores which also were from the 70's.  But when I went inside to take a look the amount of lighting hardware in the store clearly overshadowed a great deal, anything else that was being sold.  On the floor, downstairs and upstairs, were tables, cabinets and chairs and on those tables, cabinets and chairs were a sea of lamps and wall sconces.  The walls which you could barely make out were lined with wall mounted lights, electric candelabra lighting, and mini chandeliers.   On the ceiling which you could also barely make out were hanging with chandeliers large and small.  And needless to say, everything was an antique.

In the back of the store there was a section much resembled a cave with low hanging chandeliers

459 South La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036-3523
(323) 934-9939


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