The Bathroom

There are places where one goes in their own home when everything is awry, a place of comfort.  Sometimes it is in the kitchen where you can cook up a storm and get your mind off of things and onto something you know will turn out right.  Sometimes in the den where it's nice and cozy and you give yourself permission to relax because... well, it's the den.   Sometimes in the library where your favorite and most comfortable chair resides, there you can kick back and breath a sigh of relief.  For me it is my bathroom.  I have an old bathroom made in the 1920s, it has a deep and long tub perfect for taking baths which I seem to be doing quite often these days, I have on a shelf a large glass jar full of bath salt, a weaved basket of fluffy towels, a flower shaped bath rug, a table to put a box of tissues and magazines.  The bathroom is where I relax and  it's where I start my day, I think it very important.


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