The Woolly Pocket Living Wall

A product that can be characterized as spectacular, innovative, helpful... FASCINATING!  Perhaps you already know of this great thing, my latest find that I'm about to present to you, which would mean I'm way behind- but no matter!  Here it is... the Woolly Pockets Indoor & Outdoor LIVING WALL.  If you appreciate greenery in your home and wish it didn't take up floor space or maybe you just have a huge blank wall just waiting to be used this is a great alternative to anything else you can do, just imagine,  a wall of greenery- the Woolly Pocket Living Wall makes it happen.  Nix the hassle of putting up shelves simply hang the pockets on the wall, indoors or outdoors, and fill it with herbs or other greenery.  Check it out.

This is how it works.

Materials:  Industrial felt & lining made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, metal grommets
Dimensions:  15"h x 24"w, .40 cubic feet
Components:  Mounting hardware included
Base Price: $39.00 @ A+R Woolly One Indoor & Outdoor Living Wall

Notes:  Indoor versions are lined to protect walls while allowing plant roots to breath, outdoor versions are unlined so water can drain without pooling.


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