Mix Furniture Store

There is a huge store in Los Angeles on busy La Brea Ave called MIX.  Well, there are many stores on La Brea and many of them just happen to be stores selling furnishings, lights and antiques and things for the home.

The Mix in my opinion is Emperor of all these stores on La Brea Ave.  A huge warehouse-like space filled in no specific order with all things you would imagine an east trading company to bring.  A great amount of large wood items such as wooden masks, bowls, starburst-like wall decor, tables of all kinds high and low, a huge bed frame with stacked orb posts, statues... daybeds with beautiful carvings!  Walk in and out of the many rows and aisles and continuously become enthralled in a store offering furniture and decor you think are only possible to get in the east somewhere.

The price matches the quality which seems to be great, but I don't seem to mind it, the price seems fair for these pieces.

442 S. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036


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