The Pick on Pillows

As a person who recognizes that simple things can pack the most punch sometimes I find it hard to stray from what I usually tend to do, hence my life has followed a path (interiorly speaking) and has thus lacked, in a way, a bit of adventure. I'm sure there are many that can understand this. 

The best way to make any changes, especially when you're hesitant is to introduce this thing (your hesitant to do) slowly into your life, some like to call it baby-steps, I call it... taking it easy.  And with this 'hesitation' in mind I bring you pillows that I find to be top-picks when it comes to introducing a bit of adventure into your home, whether that adventure be a slight modern take, a splash of color, a bit of spice or... perhaps, something just a little bit different. 

The beauty with the pillows featured in today's post is that the base hue of the pillow (or the primary color) is as neutral as it can get, but added to this neutral color is a splash of color and a splash of texture. And while you may think pillow cannot make too much of a difference... let me just say one more time, "sometimes it's the simple things that can pack the most punch"or as another saying goes, "big things come in little packages".

It can accessorize a modern home or a retro home. The Boucle Swoon Pillow by CB2 is knit in soft acrylic and features flecks of color. Available in blue or orange.

Perfect for the contemporary home, West Elm's Cotton Velvet Duo Pillow features a textured natural-colored cotton with velvet colorful piping along the borders. Stay in your comfort zone while still adding color by sticking to one color or add a bit more fun by opting to buy a set of different colors. Available in blue, red, green, orange and yellow.


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