The Portable Buffet

When it comes to talking buffets I immediately find myself wondering 'portable or built-in?' My home came with a built-in buffet and since my home was erected about a century ago it's no special feature, I find that most old homes have the built-in buffets. The built-in buffet has many great aspects to it, the most obvious one being you move into a home that already has a beautiful buffet in an alcove like setting. But a part of me so loves the portable buffet, afterall, you can't move the built-in buffet to a different area of the room and you can't pick the style of buffet you so desire, plus, there's just something so charming about a stand-alone buffet that was placed exactly there to house your beautiful China or other dinner-setting whatnots.

In the back of my mind I've definitely been toying with the idea of how great it would be to get a buffet, even though the fact that I already have a built-in one stops me from squandering money in such a way (my husband is in my head!) and for awhile there I did stop thinking about the buffet, but then I saw the Emmerson Buffet by West Elm with it's rustic charm and it's simple design... so now I'm back to fantasizing about portable buffets.

So the Emmerson Buffet inspired me to imagine a life with a portable buffet, a buffet that can charm me everyday with its rustic charms.  My honest opinion on the West Elm Emmerson Buffet? I absolutely love it! Price? Fair, but that fair price is still too expensive for me, especially for a piece that looks like it can be made in your garage (though I'm absolutely sure it is a lot harder to make than I give it credit for). 

So on I go with the hunt for an equally charming and rustic buffet!

The Cucina Pinot Grigio Sideboard by Crate & Barrel is priced at $1,299! While it is a beautiful piece the price is all I can pay attention to, although in the back of my mind someone or something is whispering 'you get what you pay for'- And while this may be the truth for some things is it true for the portable buffet? Hmmm. The Cucina Pinot Grigio Sideboard has plenty of space to store items with pegged shelving for extra storage for larger items, I can picture a set of beautiful collector urns all in a row sitting down below.

For $399.99 Cost Plus World Market has the Antique Black Verona Buffet. While I think that red would have made for a more rustic and charming look Black is, I have to admit, rather chic. The Antique Black Verona Buffet features an overall appearance of chic (via color) and rusticity (via design *ahem barn-inspired doors). With storage for wine, two exposed shelvings and enclosed cabinet space the Verona Buffet is very user friendly.

But my favorite buffet today is Ikea's Liatorp Sideboard. Not only is the price right but I've completely fallen for the side glass cases and the center exposed shelving. The white color lends itself to charm and a country-vibe. I look at the Liatorp Sideboard and I can imagine it in so many other places other than the dining room serving as a buffet (although yes, it would be quite beautiful there), but what about the bathroom? Even the nursery! - Oh~ that is exciting.


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