The vintage wall-clock for less

Often times I'll see an object of desire, they often happen to be  vintage items and unfortunately these vintage items are more than just out of my price-range or simply priced at more than what I'm willing to spend on said item.

This particular situation just happened to be when I saw a vintage schoolroom-style clock at West Elm Market called the Newgate Wall Clock - Brixton, priced at a whopping $135.00 (pictured right below). Boy it would be nice if I could get myself to spend over a $100 on a wall clock! The simplicity and retro feel of the clock had me hooked though, so it only meant one thing... it was time to hunt for a similar style wall clock at a more affordable price and fortunately for us, there's always a more affordable version to be found somewhere.

West Elm Market
Material:  Metal base, glass face, in Chrome
Measurement: 15.75" diam x 4"h
Detail:  Tapered hands, gloss-finished casing eliminates potential glare

The two options I've found for a similar-styled wall clock were both found at Ikea.  The first and most similar to the WE Market Newgate Wall Clock - Brixton was the Ikea Pugg wall clock which is priced at $14.99!

PUGG Wall Clock
Material:  Stainless steel
Measurements:  12.5"diam

And while hunting for a similar clock at Ikea I came across another affordable gem that I thought worthy of mention, the Ikea Bravur Wall Clock which is priced at $49.99. Whilst the style of the Bravur has the same retro feel the key difference of this particular clock is the size, at 23.25" in diameter the Bravur is rather large giving the style of the wall clock a little bit of a twist to smile about. (You can also check out the dimension of the Bravur wall clock in image at the very top of this post).

BRAVUR Wall Clock
Material:  Stainless Steel, Anti-corrosive phosphate coating, Epoxy/polyester powder coating, glass
Measurements:  23.25"dia


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