I Stand Behind: Annie, my rescued pet

I dedicate this "I Stand Behind"-post to Annie, who my husband and I rescued only 4 months ago. You're probably thinking this has nothing to do with beautiful abodes and interior design for that matter unless you're speaking of stuffed dogs (which by the way, ew~ no offense to those who actually have stuffed pets, and I don't mean toys). 

I've grown up with dogs for most of my life, granted I never did any of the leg work (Sorry Mom and Dad!) and was too young to know what joy pets can bring. This post isn't so much about Annie but about pets in general and how having them, whether a turtle, bird, dog, cat and/or etc. can bring you such joy everyday. This everyday joy that they bring is very much a part of living, especially at home, and this is how it pertains to beautiful abodes, for me anyways. I truly believe that having a beautiful home can be external as well as internal and when there are happy people living in a home, any kind of home, that home becomes beautiful.

We brought Annie home not long after my husband and I moved into our first new house, and while we fretted about what kind of blinds and drapes to hang, whether an area rug here or there was necessary there was no denying that Annie really was the perfect accessory (it just so happened to be that way fortunately). Annie could do what no other furnishing or decor could which was to look absolutely adorable, AND, be an accompaniment to any area of the home to make it look homely, comfortable and loved. Here's what I mean...

Annie can sit on the sofa and make it look like it has absolute purpose although quite truthfully we barely use it.

Annie can make use of any empty space, giving it purpose.

Annie makes a nice accompaniment with our sheepskin rug, they were meant for eachother, and she loves it so which gives the sheep-skin rug all the more meaning.

She can give that one furnishing in your household that you despise above all else and wish you can throw away but don't have the heart to, a good reason to keep.

She often tells us where a rug is needed.

And really... who wouldn't smile and feel joy even in the darkest hour looking at this face. One of the secrets to having a beautiful home is to have happy people living in it... and she makes us very happy every day.

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