Items of Note @ A+R: Toilet Bowl Brush & Modern Fish Bowl

Normann Copenhagen & Jozeph Forakis' Ballo Toilet Brush
Plastic Material / 19.7"h x 8.66"w

Unfortunately, there are simply some things you can not do without... such as, the toilet brush. Ick!  But perhaps a nice toilet brush just might do the trick, A+R's Ballo Toilet Brush by Normann Copenhagen and Jozeph Forakis centers their toilet brush design around the concept of balance and surprise, making the experience fun?  Or maybe just plain different, for a change.  Next time I decide to brush clean my toilet I will surely be envisioning the Ballo Toilet Brush concept and design in my bathroom, if anything, I'm sure the design is much more modern than my current too common Bed, Bath & Beyond toilet brush.

Gaia & Gino & Aruliden's Fishscape Fish Bowl
2.5 gallons / 8"h x 12.8"dia.

Another A+R Item of Note, the Fishscape Fish Bowl by Gaia & Gino & Aruliden.  Pebbles and plastic plants are so 1990 and there probably isn't a simpler way for your pet fishies to adjust to the 21st century than to get a hold of one these modern and minimalistic Fishscape Fish Bowls, a hand-blown glass container with mountain ranges.


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