I Stand Behind: The Digital Picture Frame

Don't get me wrong, I love the look of framed photos on my walls, it's kind of like how my kindle can never really tear me away from buying actual books, there's something about actual books and actual framed photographs that is much more authentic than it's newer counterpart. But just because my heart lies with the old ways of things doesn't mean I can't appreciate the new... for example, the digital photo frame. My husband and I bought a digital photo frame a few years ago from Brookstone's, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it then, obviously my husband was the one who infinitely more excited about it than I was, but after many years, many moves and many memories caught on camera I can to realize.... I LOVE the digital photo frame. Not only does the digital photo frame save money and paper, but now I don't have to pick and choose amongst all the beautiful photos I wish to share with my guest, the digital photo frame simply scrolls.

Buying a digital photo frame doesn't mean you have to shun the old-way you love so much of framing pictures, simply see the digital photo frame as an added bonus... all those pictures you wished you could frame and put up but had no room for or couldn't fit into your budget, well, you no longer have to hide them away- it really is a good thing.

We have a much older frame so the quality (resolution) of the picture isn't as high as some of the more current frames being sold, but I still love the frame, I actually think the resolution although lower gives it a more vintage photo look (well, that's one way to look at it, at least).

Depending on which digital frame and capacity you opt for determines how many photos the digital frame can hold to display.

My husband and I bought a Philips digital photo frame from Brookstone's, unfortunately they are hard to find now as they are pretty old, but here are a few different places you can look should you be interested...


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