Know This: Shaker-style cabinets

"The Shaker style is known for unadorned functionality and rooms that are arranged to feel clean and spacious."
-Per eHow

The Shaker-style cabinets are made from hardwoods, with recessed panels and no ornamentation on the front exuding a simple elegance. The Shaker-style features simplicity, utility and neatness with high-quality workmanship that exudes a modest look that is none-the-less charming. The emphasis of the Shaker-style is durability, this is one of the more important aspects of the style.

The floor plan of Shaker-style kitchen is ideally open and organized reflecting a style of simple living. Unnecessary appliances and decor is discouraged, once again this goes towards creating a clean and efficient kitchen. Any furniture should serve the purpose of the room without adding clutter. Plenty of storage space is important, as is having a place for each item.


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