Design & Decor in Film

I have watched films such as Marie Antoinette, Amelie, Iron Man amongst others countless times, I find myself lost in their world and I don't mean the film itself but the design, costume and set.  Below are a few pictures and the films which you can see these beautiful designs and decors in.

Tony Stark's home in the film Iron Man

The interior design inside the Iron Man house *note the water glass along the staircase

Wide view of the Iron Man house

Kevin Flynn's home in Tron Legacy

*Note the futuristic design & modern contemporary decor

The Mendrakis' house in When A Stranger Calls

Exterior wide view of the Mandrakis home

Holly Golightly's flat in Breakfast At Tiffany
*Note the tub sofa design

Amelie Poulain's flat in Amelie

*Note the use of color and the two framed pictures above the bed

Amelie's bathroom is one of my favorite of all time *Note the use of individual standing dresser & tables

Marie Antoinette's home in Marie Antoinette

*Note the design of the wall paper

*Note furnishings & decor of that time period

Marie Antoinette's cottage built just for her


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