Arroyo salt and pepper block

As a person who cooks for stress-relief, eats for stress for relief (which by the way is bad bad bad!)  And loves to maintain the home with the appreciation of certain luxuries I can most definitely find a space in my heart as well as the dinner table for the Arroyo Salt And Pepper Block.  As sanitary and traditional it is to use salt and pepper shakers I never was one who liked them very much, the constant repeated wrist shakes one goes through to get the perfect amount of salt and/or pepper grains out of them tiny holes always seemed ridiculous to me, hence my immediate love for the Arroyo Block which allows you to dip your fingers and pinch just the right amount and sprinkle it with ease.  And of course it also gives a completely different look to your dinner table, and I mean "different" in a positive way.

Arroyo Salt & Pepper Block $45 @ Amenity


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