Warehouse Homes

My friend is moving into her art studio, a warehouse-type of place... No, not a warehouse-type of place, it is a warehouse, but with separate rooms here and there.  She writes to tell me it's a bit tricky making it home as it truly is a warehouse.  Granted there are some limitations to transforming this new abode into her comfortable home since it is not zoned for living quarters but I still believe the possibilities are endless.

To think that you can only have a modern or minimalist interior decor theme because your living in an outright urban space such as a loft or a warehouse-styled abode is completely wrong.  Quite often a charming country decor in an urban space results in a unique and beautiful look. There are no rules, and above all there is nothing to stop you, except you, of course.

Below is a warehouse-styled loft space where "work" seems to be the focus.  Minimal space is left for those personal belongings one loves so much:  the line of books in the hall to the right, an armoire off to the corner on the left.  The long wooden work table at center, I absolutely love, and with the minimal-style vase of flowers the area exudes just the right amount of touch of home.

Large spaces like those you see in warehouse abodes can be transformed greatly by the use of area rugs, which can give the space a feeling of warmth.

If you have plenty of wall space try a blown-up wall-sized photograph, print or painting.  If a specific theme is in the making for your over-all decor a wall-sized picture suitable to the theme can really give it the boost it needs.


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