I Stand Behind: Soap dish sponge holders!

Ceramic Bird Soap Dish $4.99 @ Cost Plus World Market

Why is it that I can never find a kitchen sponge holder that is pleasant to look at?  My sister has a very good kitchen sponge holder, it's plastic like all other sponge holders and has a suction cup to suction it onto the inside of your sink, this way your counter doesn't get cluttered will all the kitchen accessories.

I acquired the trick of using a soap dish as a sponge holder quite by accident, actually, it's not really a trick at all, but it's still the greatest thing ever!  I went to a yard sale one day and bought a very cute soap dish in the shape of a claw-foot tub, I don't use bar soap however but couldn't refrain from paying $1.50 for this very cute thing.  So there I was in my apartment hunting for a place where I could utilize the claw-foot tub soap dish, I tried putting little trinkets in there, then I tried putting the rings I wear daily in there for easy access - beats rummaging through the jewelry box every morning, I thought.  And with everything I tried none was all that satisfying and so I left it aside.

9:00 P.M.

I stand at the kitchen sink doing dishes, the last dish put away, I swipe the inside of the my sink clean, do a spray around, squeeze all the water I can out of the sponge, turn off the water and... no where to put my sponge.

A light bulb goes off!  Of course!

I set the claw-foot tub soap dish next to my sink and place the kitchen sponge inside, perfect.  AND!  The best part of it all, the claw-foot tub soap dish turned sponge holder is darling!  Now how many sponge holders can you say that about?


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