Using Purple

I'm quite taken with the purple stand-out door, a fantastic way to accent while using a rather rare color, beautiful but rare.  The statement of the purple door is demure and elegant and while it is my favorite there are plenty of other ways to use purple on your walls to create other differing looks, all which seems to be pretty different depending on tone, saturation and the interior decor.

First Appearances

First appearances through the entryway can set the tone for the rest of the house, purple is demure and elegant, but the demure characteristic is what seems to be captured in entryway more so than the elegant, often this seems to be case as a result of the accent colors used for purple tones which generally seems to be either black, white or both black and white.  But don't let the masses sway your want of use of this color, thinking outside the box may do some good with the purple tone in the entryway: go for fun and exiting and use glossy blue or yellow to accent the purple instead.

The Kitchen

(Pictured above) purple cabinets against the beige-toned walls gives a twist to the country style...

While glossy tones give a sleek, fun and unique look to a modern kitchen.

The Dining-room

A medium-bodied purple is a perfect match for a contemporary look in the dining room (pictured above). Had the purple been darker it might have been to stark of a contrast against the favored light wood dispersed through out the room.

But if a lighter purple tone is what you desire mixing and matching in an eclectic style of decor may be just the thing (as seen below). Lighter purple is matched with a darker purple seen on the table cloth as well as the plush sofa keeping to an all-around purple theme that is not too overwhelming due to the layering of different tones of purple used.  With accents of black and red this purple dining room is casual and whimsical.  An out of the ordinary way to use the color but never-the-less deliciously fun and pleasant.

On the other side of the spectrum of using purple in the dining area, the saturated purple (pictured below) is made to look even darker by contrasting it with the light decor and the whiter-than-white moldings.  The detail wall moldings and wall trim painted over in the same saturated purple tone lends a rustic quality to the room while the lightness of the decor, the upper walls and the trim keep it  looking romantic.  A beautifully poetic way to keep the main feature of the room, purple, in sight.

Another bold way to make a statement, the simple purple ceiling.  And to keep it connected with the rest of the room is a framed picture at the end of the table featuring purple tones.

The Living-room

Purple lends an eclectic vibe to the living-room.

The twist on modern minimalism interior (as seen above) with accents of purple keeps modern minimalism fun and interesting with a twist.  With black and white being favored colors of this interior style a bit of color can go a long way.

Eclectic at it's fullest can be seen above.  My favorite aspect of this room is the layering affect of the same purple tone accented by the lightness of the stone, almost as if you are stepping into a very large tagine.

The Bathroom

In all honesty my most disliked room for the color purple is the bathroom, there are a couple of exceptions however, my favorite being pictured above in which the same tone of deep purple is used for both the body of the tub and the wall creating a uniform affect.  The rustic white cabinet in the corner is also a nice touch to keeping the style of this restroom romantic and whimsical.

The modern purple in the restroom is probably the most difficult to pull off if you decide to omit the sleek and glossy however the above pictured modern bathroom did a fairly good job in creating the modern vibe without the use of sleek or glossy.  The plastic light purple window coverings along with the saturated purple flooring gives the room a romantic yet modern look, a very rare scene.

The Bedroom

The contemporary bedroom pictured above uses a medium bodied purple through out the room with white and chocolate brown accent.  The use of the colors in this room lends a very clean look since the colors contrast to the upmost degree allowing the naked eye to see all the lines clearly.  On the downside, the room looks very much like a hotel room.

A more masculine way to use purple?  Using a darker plum purple on the walls contrasted with brighter purple on the bed and the use of dark wood as accents through out the room.  For those of you who thought that purple couldn't ever be masculine... well, here you go.

My favorite purple bedroom (pictured above) is the wood paneled room in light purple.

The Children's Room

For the young girl.

For the young boys.

And for the teenager.

Keep in mind...
The use of patterned purple wall paper to accent walls
should you find yourself a bit hesitant to color the whole shebang.

Allowing yourself to go all out!  Using different purple tones in a single room
and pairing it up with the walls, shelves and chairs!  Sounds like much? It just
may be what the room needs.

Remember framed pictures & artwork which goes a long way
on purple toned walls.

Accenting with colors other than black and white, think outside the box.


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