Word decals enhancing the mood via reminders

Sometimes just plain words can set the mood of an entire home or simply a room, and also serve as reminder for those important thoughts you really, never want to forget.  

Two ways to "state" on walls, wherever you please, is to either 1. Use decals, which is the easiest way to go about this but the negative aspects of using decals is that your limited to what you can say and the fonts to choose from (which will most likely be one font, the one the decal comes in).  But if you find the perfect decal for you then there you go, job done.

The second way to "state" on walls is to buck-up and DIY.  Pick out the phrase, pick out the wall and then run over to your nearest Blick and pick out the alphabet stencils in the font and size that you desire.  What then?  Trace the letters lightly in pencil to create the phrase and start painting in the desired color my friend!  Remember doing it exactly right is key here because unlike decals you can't simply redo.

If the challenging but fun work of DIY is not your thing there are quite a few decals out there to choose from, such as...

@ Urban Outfitters
Everyday Is Filled With Awesome wall decal $29 @ Urban Outfitters

You Are Living Your Story wall decal $29 @ Urban Outfitters

We Are Living Wall Decal $29 @ Urban Outfiiters

@ Dali Decal
Ctrl Alt Del $29 @ Dali Decal

Playroom Rules $29 @ Dali Decal

Keep Calm and Carry On $39 @ Dali Decal

@ Etsy
In This House We Do @ Etsy, $49.00

Subway Art for the Kitchen $26.99 @ Etsy


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