Switching-Up The Functions Of Your Furnishings & Decor, A Great Way To Think Outside The Box

Who would have thought that a kitchen island wasn't a kitchen island and a cupcake tier wasn't a cupcake tier.  Chopping board by day and bathroom storage by night!  Switching up the functions of your furnishings and decor can't get any better than this... then again, there are new surprises everyday!

the kitchen island in the bathroom now consists of "His" and "Hers" drawer and functions mainly as exposed shelving for bathroom supplies, towels and weave baskets full of other bathroom goods.

At a width of about 3'11" and a height of almost 3' this affordable kitchen island ($100.00) from Ikea makes a great rustic-looking bathroom counter top and storage for a bathroom space that is of medium size.  The natural birch wood can be treated with oil should you be worried of moisture damage (though I haven't treated mine and seems to be doing quite well without it) and can also be painted to the color(s) you desire to custom match it to your bathroom or any other space you wish to use it for storage.

Another kitchen item that makes for a beautiful bathroom decor or even vanity table decor is the 3-tiered cupcake holder that serves as a unique and adorable way to store your cosmetics and hair supplies, even try it as a jewelry stand!

I purchased the above 3-tier cupcake stand at Costplus World Market for $20.00 and have used it only twice for birthday cupcakes.  Costplus may not have this exact style anymore but I have seen recently a rather modern 3-tier wire cupcake stand in it's place ($20).  A great affordable buy with a variety of functions once you can look past the "cupcake stand".


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