I Stand Behind: Large jars for storage

1-gallon Glass Storage Jar $13.99 @ Costplus World Market

I do yoga and love to soak in the tub once a week, my significant other does... well to be honest, I'm not sure what he does but he loves to soak in the tub at least once a week too.  And for all our body aches and pains we love to sprinkle a cup or two of fragrant bath salts to ease the pain and for a more deeper relaxation, whether the salts actually work- I have no idea, but they smell great and do make for a more relaxed bath time.  

Taking a bath once a week for each of us requires a bit of bath salt, so we buy the bath salts in bulk, and though the bath salts come in a pretty purple package it just isn't attractive enough to have it sitting around out in the bathroom.  To fix the problem of the bulk-buy bath salts I bought a very affordable 1-gallon glass container from the kitchen section in Costplus World Market to store my salts in, and it works wonderfully!  I can empty about 2-3 lbs of bath salts in the jar and leave it sitting out on the bathroom table, it looks wonderful and with a small glass scooper in the jar the salt is easily accessed.


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